Guided Tour: Tiny Hood (English)

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A growing group of people are longing for life with 'less'. Less consumption and a more sustainable life. Living in a tiny house can shape this way of life. In tiny houses - often no bigger than 50 m2 - every square meter is used in a smart way. Many tiny houses are self-sufficient and residents provide alternative, less environmentally damaging ways of getting electricity and water. But not all tiny houses are self-sufficient. Every resident establishes his tiny house in the way that suits his / her life.

The Tiny Hood in Almere Poort has been in Almere since July 2017. This neighborhood has arisen from a competition. Everyone who was interested in tiny houses could submit a design. The winners were allowed to realize their project in the Homeruskwartier.

Guided Tour Tiny Hood (English spoken)
For everybody interested in Tiny Housing, we created the opportunity to learn about this exceptional little hood in Almere Poort from an international guide. They inform you about the concept in how the municipality of Almere looked at this project and how it was realised. From contest to realisation.  The tour takes 75 minutes and is suited for max 15 persons. Languages; English, German or French.

Lunchtijd Almere
Alseïdenstraat 20-2
1363 SR Almere

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